Università LUISS Guido Carli (Italy)

LUISS Business School (based in Rome, Italy) is the School of Business and Management of LUISS Guido Carli University and has a worldwide recognition as a knowledge hub for postgraduate studies.

The Business School relies both on the experience of the University’s professors, and on the know-how of practitioners working in the fields of finance, consulting, and accounting in order to make students able to become leaders in the dynamic and evolving business community. Thanks to the connection with Confindustria (the main organisation representing Italian manufacturing and services companies) all Business School’s courses benefits from a wide job network and high qualified professionals who take part into the courses through workshops, conferences, meetings and top-class testimonials.

LUISS Guido Carli University comprises 4 Departments and encompasses a wide array of academic, extracurricular and support resources. It is involved in several international research activities in collaboration with national and international partners on e-learning practices, providing up-to-date contents to students and managers through a managerial and business approach. Learning activities are provided also through specific courses focused on business organization, innovation, entrepreneurship and managerial practices. In addition to this, it encourages international exchange with over 300 incoming and outgoing exchange students per year. The Department of Management carries out teaching, scientific research, applied research and training post-graduate/executive.

The University currently manages over 200 inter-institutional Erasmus agreements with universities participating countries. Exchange students enjoy a wide range of services such as guidance and tutoring, info and reception, free transportation, help desk for people with disabilities, cafeterias, libraries, sporting facilities, cultural centres, technological facilities and more.

Both the University and the Business School offer also several courses focused on selected areas relevant with the project, such as: business organization; SMEs management; operational standards; partnerships management; ownership and use policies; innovative marketing; SMEs economy; investment policies; human resource development; pricing policies; information systems; quality management; SMEs business regulation. In the project will be involved professors, researchers, consultants and Ph.D. students experienced on: business organization, SMEs innovation, human resources management, information systems, intercultural professional training, international business, processes management, management of innovation, entrepreneurship, people performances' evaluation and advanced managerial practices for SMEs. Through the Departments and the Business School, the University offers a wide range of postgraduate programs, which vary according to who they are aimed at and the content they cover. First-Level and Second-Level Master's Degrees are offered in the project field.

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