Target groups

The target groups that the project addresses represent the various actors involved in the implementation of EU mobilities. On the one hand there are SMEs and similar organizations hosting mobilities, intermediaries facilitating EU mobilities and EU mobilities sending organizations. In other words the three sides of the process will be approached, their viewpoints considered and their observations and recommendations will be embedded in the learning materials.

On the other hand the learners themselves that are involved in EU mobilities and are given a chance for a temporary job placement are also among the targets of the project. Their well-being and comfort during the stay in a different country are placed in the center of the learning materials. Learners will benefit from the better prepared hosts and will feel more at ease in the unfamiliar environment.

The project will also address EU mobilities networks, VET institutions and VET system in the partner countries. They will be identified early on but will be most actively addressed at the phase of targeted dissemination.

In a broader sense SMEs working with international partners and SMEs employing diverse workforce also fall within the targets of InterMobil. The modular nature of the learning materials will allow such companies to use the intellectual outputs thus helping them in overcoming cultural barriers in their interaction with international partners and/or employees.

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