Project activities

The project work plan is organized in 7 Work Packages each of which is important for the achievement of the planned project objectives:

WP 1 Project Management and Coordination

The main aim of this work package is the management of the partnership throughout the project duration, which will ensure effective coordination and collaboration within the project, progress monitoring and the fulfilment of the project activities within the planned time schedule, budget and quality. The main aim concerning the target groups is to ensure that end users receive quality product based on their needs and in accordance with the project plan outlined in the application form. Leader of this work package will be EuroPA.

WP 2 Development of InterMobil Training materials and Handbook

The main aim of this WP is to ensure the successful sectoral and country transfer of cross cultural learning and teaching style studies from the VET sector to SME sector. This transfer will be based on the knowledge transfer of the more experienced partners to the less experienced ones; a literature review on special needs of cross cultural learning and teaching styles on a learner, trainer and policy / institutional level; adaptation of the learning materials according to the results from focus group interviews and internal discussions between partners. The work package will be led by FH Joanneum.

WP 3 Designing and elaborating InterMobil website

The main aim of this WP is to develop user friendly and functional project website with attractive design. The WP Leader for this activity will be LUISS University as they have rich experience in ICT and this is their specialization.

WP 4 Organization of prototype workshops

The aim of this WP is to test the developed learning material among the prime target group of the project (SMEs hosting EU mobilities) and develop the final version of its content. For this purpose prototype workshops will be conducted in each of the six partner countries. Task leader for this work package will be AIAM.

WP 5 Fine-tuning of InterMobil products

The aim of this WP is to develop the final version of the InterMobil learning content based on the feedback and recommendations received during the previous WP. WP5 is related to all others as it will lead to the production of the final versions of the intellectual outputs of the project. INCOMA will be the leader of this work package.

WP 6 Dissemination and exploitation

The aim of this WP is to make sure that the project results reach the main stakeholders and target groups. Dissemination is seen as a continuous process through the whole project, starting in project month 1. ECQ will lead this WP and will prepare initial Dissemination and Exploitation strategy in the beginning of the project.

WP 7 Quality Management

The general aim of WP7 is to guarantee the high quality of the work and the outcomes of the project. ECQ will lead this work package and will evaluate all internal processes once in every 6 project months.

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