Expected Results

InterMobil project will produce three intellectual outputs:

O1: InterMobil Learning content

The learning content will include 9 course modules with 3 units each.

  1. Practical student needs the exchange student world – train participants in understanding the student needs and the daily problems they might face and how they can and should be supported
  2. Cultural theories Cultural Dimensions, Cultural standards
  3. Host country culture – our own baseline Learn about your own culture, which difference will you need to expect to other cultures
  4. Culture shock Explaining culture shock, which happens when a person is suddenly in intense contact with another culture
  5. Intercultural communication: language Differences in the way people use language, how to handle the language barrier, communication strategies
  6. Intercultural communication: paralanguage Distance, Body Language, Modulation, Gestures etc.
  7. Conflict management and de-escalation Introduction in conflict management
  8. Specifics of intercultural counselling Adapting to an intercultural counselling situation
  9. Specifics of intercultural organisations Adapting your organisation to diverse customers

The modules will be designed independently, with a specific learning path, allowing easy adaptations of the program.
The complete program will encompass the scope of one ECVET point with 27 units of learning content: 16 of these are provided in face to face teaching content, the remaining content will be covered by providing online self-study material.
All of the developed learning materials will be available in the 6 partner languages: EN, DE, IT, BG, ES, PT

O2: Handbook for SMEs

It will be short focused methodological document which will guide SMEs how to use the materials.
The document will be no longer than 20 pages.
The Handbook will provide at a glance look on the learning materials and will also function as a teaser to read the full content. It will comprise most important tips based on the learning material as well as some awareness raising texts.
The role of the handbook will be supplementary to the learning content providing a summary of the most important points.
All of the developed learning materials will be available in the 6 partner languages: EN, DE, IT, BG, ES, PT

O3: InterMobil Website

The website will comprise all developed learning materials, the Handbook for SMEs, useful links to other projects or sites with similar content, the literature review carried out in the first months of the project will be also uploaded for further reference.
There will be information about the project, the partners who implement it, etc. The news section will be regularly updated. A “Contact us” form will be also in place on the project website allowing for direct feedback from the users.
All the outputs of the project as well as some intermediary results will be available for download from the Downloads section of the site.
All of the developed learning materials will be available in the 6 partner languages: EN, DE, IT, BG, ES, PT

Project events

Focus groups – organised in the beginning of the project with stakeholders to gather information about the design, structure and representation of the training materials.
Prototype workshops – organised in the second project year to test the developed Learning content with target groups’ representatives and to gather their feedback on further improving the training materials.
Conferences – organized in the last quarter of the project to present and promote InterMobil final outputs to the general audience and all stakeholders.

The final conference to present the final results of theproject will be held in Plymouth on August 23, 2016 at the Plymouth Science Park 12.00 AM.

Detailed programme of InterMobil Evaluation Conference:

1. Generalwelcome and conference agenda

Presented by: Leigh Robinson, Work Placement Co-ordinatorat EuroPA,UK

2. Welcomeand Presentation on InterMobil project aims and objectives.

Presented by: Ludmil Manev, ECQ, Bulgaria

3. Presentationof InterMobil results and outcomes

>> Overview of general achievements of IntellectualOutput 1 & Intellectual Output 2

Presented by: Juan Guerrero, INCOMA, Spain

>> Overview of our Intellectual Output 3 –InterMobil website, etc.

Presented by: Nunzio Casalino and Giuliana Pizzolo, LUISS, Italy

>> Mobility Testimonial from Employers

Presented by: LeeNathan – Purple Motion; Merika Kindlon – Plymouth Science Park; ChrisWarne – Norpro Training

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