EuroPartnership Agency Ltd. - EuroPA (UK)

EuroPartnership Agency Ltd. - EuroPA (UK) is a vocational training organization with a strong network of educational institutions in the UK and Europe. EuroPA was established in October 2007 to help satisfy the growing demand for vocational training and cultural development opportunities in the UK. EuroPA is specialized in the organization and management of a several services including: training, seminars, interviews, every aspect of work experience, expert exchange projects and English language courses designed to enhance the CV's of young people from across Europe, including students in vocational training, undergraduates, graduates, workers, self-employed, unemployed and active job seekers. EuroPA is an active Participant in the Lifelong Learning Programmes. EuroPA has extensive experience working with international organizations, ranging from Universities and Colleges, Secondary and Primary Schools, Chambers of Commerce and Government Departments, to Small, Medium and Large companies. The organization managed more than 150 projects involving more than 2400 participants. All personnel of the company has been developed and maintained a passion and commitment to quality, communication and the need to ensure that participants get the most from their programme. The organization developed strong relationships with the European Commission, National Agencies, Promoters and Programme Participants and as a result, has an excellent understanding of the needs of all Programme Stakeholders.

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