Aims and objectives

The overall aim of the InterMobil project is to create a more favourable environment for youth exchanges and mobility programmes in the field of VET and Labour Market placements.
The project stipulates several specific objectives in order to achieve the above stated aim:

  • To develop an efficient intercultural training in view of the challenges youth mobility faces from the practice, training, research and employer’s perspectives;
  • To remove the obstacles to successful youth mobility due to intercultural differences and misunderstanding;
  • To strengthen the position of intercultural competences in EU youth mobilities programmes as tool to maximize the benefits of the mobility;
  • To contribute to the increase of EU mobilities through raising the awareness and promoting the benefits for the hosting companies

InterMobil project is in compliance with the priority of the Action: “increasing labour market relevance of learning provision and qualifications and reinforcing links between education, training or the youth fields with the world of work” as it stipulates the bridging of the intercultural gaps between trainees and hosting SMEs. Open and flexible labor markets on the other hand foster growth, development and integration in Europe and consequently increase welfare.

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